Monday Roots

Giant Carrots & Old Coach Roads


Fact: Ohakune is NZ's carrot capital! Nestled under the mighty Mt Tongariro where there is much radness to be explored.


Another crack of dawn Saturday morning mission was ahead of us.... this time we opted for the  4.5 hour road trip South before hitting up the trail.... and as always there were a few side of the road coffee brew stops along the way. We had a fair bit of misty rain during our trip south, but hey its winter what do ya expect! 

Old Coach Road - was simply that an old coach road, it was built in the 1900's for carting supplies & materials while building the rail way lines. Once the railway was up in running the road was left, no longer required, nature did its thing and reclaimed it. Until..... a hunter decided to go exploring, did some research and a long story short restored this old connector road added a few bridges & things and boom a cycle trail was born and opened in 2010.

This trail was pretty damn fun, nothing sketchy a are real sweet ride!!!

Old cobbled parts of the road make for bumpy adventure in parts, even with my epic fat tyres! Rad old railway bridges no longer in service make for sweet rest stops and views!

The ride back to the start was fast and fun, felt mostly downhill all the way, and with a hot brew with our names on it back at the ute it was on, after being rained on a bunch of the way back it was totally welcomed!! 

1x puncture, 1x bail, 100% rad time

Head Winds & High Tides - Pouto Take 1

Rhondy2 Comments

We had been buzzing about our trip up north all week, a bit of shit weather wasn't going to stop us in our tracks, we rose at stupid o'clock and hit the road under a blanket of darkness Northland bound for Pouto Point Peninsula. 3hrs later we had arrived.... the skies were all kinds of purple and grey, and wind gusts of about 30knots. Yup we were in for a good time! With head winds and sand blowing in all freaking directions it was utter madness, it really was a struggle to ride at times, I'd opted for a break in grinding and decided to push for a bit... while struggling to even walk whilst laughing at Waz's jokes and this crazy situation we were now facing out of the blue I was hit by a rouge wave, oh how the joke quickly turned on me...  I still can't believe we actually made it there, while most people were tucked up at home we were out riding this mad beach in the middle of no where.... it was at that time, one of my most testing rides.... haha so many have followed since, but with every hard ride you become that much stronger!!! Or something like that hahahaha

Pouto is located about 69kms South of Dargaville, the place has an interesting history with a bunch of petrified kauri's (native NZ trees) scattered about a fair bit up the coast, I totally geek out about that stuff, examining the patterns & textures pretty buzzy, of what once was.... such a different place to what we see there now, its got a pretty eerie feel about it too. The entrance way to the Kaipara Harbour, NZ's largest and by far the sketchiest. Its been nicknamed "Valley of the Wrecks" or "The Graveyard" due to 150ish shipwrecks entombed in the dunes and sandbars, which we are still to find traces of, the terrain up there changes dramatically with the winds, just an excuse to keep going back really.

This stretch of rad ridable beach & dunes is also home to NZ's oldest wooden 3 story Lighthouse, lugging your bike up 214mtr dunes is well worth the struggle, rewarded with epic views, ok this day was mad crazy but the dramatic skies & ocean contrasting the patterns & colours of the sand made for some sweet pics! annnnnnd the insane rush of adrenaline blasting back down to the beach was wicked fun, with head winds there it was tail winds back wahhooooo......